Keep ActionBar always on top


I’m using this layout to draw a Mapbox:

<Page xmlns="" xmlns:map="nativescript-mapbox" loaded="pageLoaded">
<ActionBar title="test" loaded="actionbarLoaded">
 <StackLayout cssClass="action-bar" orientation="horizontal"
      <Label text="test"></Label>
    <NavigationButton icon="res://ic_menu" tap="showSlideout" />
    <ActionItem icon="res://ic_menu" ios.position="left" tap="showSideDrawer" />
<StackLayout cssClass="mapboxContainer" orientation="horizontal">
 <map:MapboxView  mapReady="onMapReady">

But after the mapbox is rendered the ActionBar is overlapped by the map.
I whould like to know if it possible to set to zero the map margins and keep the ActionBar on top.
Any idea how to fix this issue?


What is you remove the content of Page.actionBar and put something simple there lile ?


For simplicity I just copied and pasted the example in the ActionBar documentation, but still when loaded the map completly overlap the ActionBar.

<Page xmlns="">
      <ActionBar title="My ActionBar"/>

  <!-- page content ... -->