Just looking for advice: TypeScript+Angular or JavaScript?



I am new to NativeScript and trying to do some small apps, I’ve found out some plugins seems to be available just for TypeScript (for instance, nativescript-audio and nativescript-ezaudio)
I am feeling more comfortable programming on javascript, I find it easier, but I don’t want to miss the chance to use plugins…
So what do you guys think? It would be better to go JavaScript or TypeScript+Angular?



I see no reason to go for Angular, if JavaScript is where your comfort zone is.

And plugins which do not interact with the UI, like the two you’ve listed, most of the times don’t need additional code to support Angular. So using them in the backend code of your angular app would be just alright.


personally i would go for angular+typescript, after starting to use it almost a year ago, i would never go back to javascript except for nodejs servers and bits like that. i find typescript easier to write than javascript, it looks nicer and writes nicer


Thank you guys for your opinions, I really appreciate it.

Apart from a personal preference, there is any limitation from one to another? Would I be able to do the same with any of them?



i think about the same but as typescript compiles to javascript, typescript cant have more functionality, only the same