Just download and use one component of nativescript-ui


is it possible for me to use just download and use one component of nativescript-ui ? or I have to have all of it even if am not using the rest


This is a good question. I don’t believe you can pick and choose but it would be cool if you could. @Pete.K, should we put this in Aha?


because in this project I only need autocomplete but:confused: I have to add all the additional weight


did you try this: https://github.com/triniwiz/nativescript-autocomplete


limitations with styling…and i need to style extensively for this project and even allow room for customization by user


That doesn’t look like a bad Aha item. Put it there if you could, and let’s what the management is going to say.

@michaelsowah as a workaround you could play around by removing certain .aars from the platforms/android dir in the plugin and see how that works.


@Pete.K ok, will do that and feedback


I have entered this into Aha as something to consider.