JPEG Compression Not Working - ImageSource to Base64 String


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I am converting an imageSource into a base64 encoded string as follows:

var photoEnc64String = photo.toBase64String("jpg", 30);

This line of code only partially works; it generates a base64 encoding, but no matter what the quality number I enter (0-100), it always uses the maximum quality setting (100). Does anyone know why I might be having this issue?

Here is the doc for toBase64String() :

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May I know how do you verify that the result string is always encoded with maximum quality?


Hi! Thanks for replying :smiley:

If I don’t pass a quality argument, the encoding defaults to maximum quality, as described in the docs. When I pass in any quality parameter from 1-100, the output string takes up the same amount of storage as if i didn’t include it (in my case it was about 26 MB for a 3000x2000 image, if i remember correctly). This issue was also verified by the lack of compression artefacts when using a very low quality setting.

I found a workaround by using the Bitmap Factory plugin that has a similar encoding function, and it works in the plugin, but the one that comes with Nativescript doesn’t.



@natanijelvasic is this on iOS? If it is I am also having the same problem. The toBase64String(“jpg”, 0) works but the rest doesn’t. Android works fine.


Yeah, this is on iOS, but i don’t think I have tested on Android. The Bitmap Factory plugin is quite good though, and it has the fully functional encoding function (works on iOS and Android).


We have the same problem then. It is better if we open an issue on github for this. Can you make one for it?


I opened an issue here:

This is actually my first GtHub issue so feel free to tell me if anything needs to be added! XD



I’ve mentioned having the same issue on it. They might be able to fix this issue for the next tns-core-modules update.