iTunes connect upload error, bundle identifier keeps getting overridden


I keep getting an iTunes connect upload error:
“No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier ‘org.nativescript.NativeScript’ is correct.”

I’m not sure where the ‘org.nativescript.NativeScript’ bundle ID is coming from. I’ve placed my correct bundle ID in the .plist and in Xcode and in package.json but I always get this error on upload (using Application Loader or the Product Archive uploader).

I’ve uploaded 3 previous versions of the same app to iTunes Connect using the same values a couple weeks ago without this issue.

Any insight into what may be overriding the bundle ID would be greatly appreciated.


I was able to fix this by changing the app name in Xcode and re-archiving…


did you change the app name to match the bundleID?


Yeah that was the only fix I could find, also I had to re-enter it every time I did a build for upload. Initially it was pulling the correct name in from the .plist but I never did figure out why that portion of the build stopped working.