It is just not working!


It is not working! I change one part of application all is ok then I change other unrelated part and the console shows my previous error and my previous screen. I do not understand what is going on. I have been struggling with this piece of technology for about 4 days and the behavior is unpredictable. I am trying to use Nativescript instead of ionic but in ionic everything worked as expected.


Can you describe what kind of change you made? There are many gotchas and problems - NativeScript is very much a trial-and-error toolchain.

The debugging tools and console messages are great when the code works, but when it fails I generally find the console errors are not present (or at best misleading) while debugging will generally stop entirely. You have to make very small changes, one after another, to incrementally build you app without getting help up by errors.

One major thing is that after every plugin you install you must remove and re-add the platform you are testing on. There are never clear messages on this, but it’s critical to make any progress in NS.