It appears you cannot use ListView on a page that is wrapped in ScrollView


I have a page this is very long and needs to be wrapped in ScrollView. I would like to use Listview on that page for two lists of data that appear. I cannot seem to get it to work as only the first item appears. If I change to using an Angular *ngFor loop to draw the labels, everything works fine. Is there a setting in ListView that allows for it to coexist inside a ScrollView?


List view can’t be used inside a ScrollView.
Your best bet is to use ngFor, just like you have already mentioned.


ListView itself has a built-in ScrollView and by default fills the screen, but if you set the list to occupy only the space it needs then you can still wrap it inside ScrollView.


Like Manoj said,
If you give the list view a predefined height, then it is possible to have it inside ScrollView.

It should basically be inside another Layout.

    <Any of the 5 layouts>
        <other elements>
        </other elements>
        <ListView height="300">
        <other elements>
        </other elements>
    </Any of the 5 layouts>

But at the end of the day, you can’t scroll that ListView unless it scrolls horizontally.

Refer this quick demo to learn more,