Issue while using nativescript accordian



Hi All,

I am facing issue while creating according in list with nativescript vue. Following is the code. Please suggest.

      <StackLayout headerText="First">
        <Label text="{{OutletName}}"/>
        <Label text="{{CompanyName}}"/>

      <GridLayout backgroundColor="yellow" columns="auto,*">
        <Label text="{{footer}}"/>
        <Label col="1" text="-"/>

.mytxt { color:black !important; }

Ravi Sharma


Whenever posting a issue try to explain what exactly the problem is as detail as possible.

Looking at your code, it doesn’t seem Vue related but Core. Checkout the official nativescript-vue plugin docs to understand how to initialise UI plugins.


I tried to implement the code which is described in nativescript-accordian. It is not working. I need to show 2 fields on my data in one row and when we click on accordian icon, rest of the data should be displayed in accordian. I couldn’t find sample that anywhere and syntax is throwing error.


You have to register the UI element before using it as discussed in the docs.