Issue: multiple errors when building for android and ios


Hi, I am getting several errors when building for android or ios on tns version 3.1.3. Please see the link where I go into good detail and have code readouts.

Can anyone offer me any help? Have the question posted on github issues, stackoverflow and slack and no one has offered any help as of yet.



Hey @RyanSMurphy I already replied in GitHub, well, only one of the two now open issues, and on the SO post. - I have a reason to believe that today’s TypeScript 2.4 release may have broken your build, please downgrade to 2.3, and see if that will allow you to build the project.


Hi Pete, I saw that. Thanks for replying on the SO post, didnt see it on the github issue. This doesnt work.


;( I am out of ideas for the time being then, sorry.



Just to give you people an update. I recreated my project from scratch (thank God that I was not done much earlier), and that worked for me. In fact, I must have messed with some code and file. I was doing something there, and later was unable to run.