Is there any way, to install app on ios and android without publishibg?




I am starting to develop in nativescript, please answer on wuestion from topic



Do you mean some sort of Preview / Beta release? Yes, there are many third party tools, even Apple’s TestFlight / Google’s Play Beta does the job.


No, I want to using my app only on my devices. Can I use the app without publishing, on my device? Is it possible, on both platforms? How the process of deployment to physical device looks?



Can I do it without sidekick? I am using vue. If I know well, sidekick doesnt support vue.


This article show only publishing way to deploy. This is not my goal


If there is an active Android device connected to machine, npm run / watch commands will directly install the app on Android device.

Same for iOS but you should have the developer team id and provisional profiles configured in build.xcconfig file.

CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY = iPhone Development;


Thanks for advice. Could you give me some information, about:

  1. Is it possible to get data (team_id, provisional_profile _id, and code_sign_id) free ? (Where)
  2. If I run on android, npm run dev, will I be able to see the app icon on mobile desktop?
  3. If I configure IOS build.xcconfig properly, and I run npm run dev, will I be able to see icon on mobile desktop?

  1. Yes, but only development profile with limited services (Push Notification, In-App etc., won’t work). Once your project is complied, launch it from Xcode and run on device, that will automatically create the free profile if you are logged into a Apple Developer Account.
  2. Yes, if device is connected it will launch (Make sure developer mode is enabled)
  3. Yes.