Is there a way to have component higher than <Page>?


I wanted to ask, if is possible in {N} to have a component that is outside of current Page so in my case, button that is always visible, even if you load new page, it should stay in place without reloading with the page ?
So, i’m thinking about piece of xml with some additional logic in .js file that can control events of this button ?
Thanks for advice.


If you are using different pages which means for different screens and purpose, I’m not quite sure why you may need a button in all pages. Would you mind explaining the use case?


Hi @manojdcoder,
One example may be an home icon that redirects you to homepage.
This is client’s requirement. Right now i can implement this on all views without a problem, but button will also reloaded after page change. So i’m wondering if there is anything that is independent of any page loaded…


Thats not usually the expected way of doing it, design that button as a custom component and just include it in every page so you still reuse the code without any customisation on frame level.


This is an idea ! But… frame has animation set, button will also animates, right ?