Is there a way to for two developers to collaborate on a project?



My friend and i both would like to program an app using nativescript but we have been unable to find a way how. I haven’t been able to find documentation ANYWHERE on how to get a project set up to collaborate and develop with other developers. Is nativescript only meant for Lone Developers?

First i thought i could collaborate with my friend by just creating an online project, saving that project to get the project url… and then sending it to him. BUT that doesnt work?? is this a feature that is supposed to work? if so how?

Then i thought i could use nativescript sidekick, and then use github integration to just push code in the background to my own bitbucket server but i found that nativescript sidekick already has and uses a git server to (i assume) upload the code too the cloud to build it…

Has anyone found a way to collaborate with other developers? or has everyone just been coding away all by themselves lol.

i honestly… am like so close to just coding something, using the download button and then sending it as a zip file to my friend lol but merging will be horrible.


I believe this is no where related to NativeScript. Whatever project you may be working on / whichever platform it may be, you just need an source control system to share code. You have lot of options like Github / Bitbucket / Gitlab or even your own Git / SVN host.