Is the course out-ouf-date?


I am rolling on the course. But the groceries app (in the course) can’t load. It throwing errors. Is this course working?


I think all courses are up-to-date could you post sc of error your are experiencing or some code ??


I just copied the code they provide in the course. But I could not see the result like this.


Sorry for an inconvenience. That was my mistake. I might have messed up with something. I just recreated the project and it seems like OK.


Can you share the link to that repo.

As far as I know, some API urls for Groceries app were recently modified.

If you follow the interactive tutorial in, you’ll be able to follow along to get the latest code.

Or you can goto my repo and find the link to completed playground app for groceries.


Thanks for sharing the info, Shiva.
The course directs students to the groceries repo, and that repo should be up to date. There have been some chnages recently in the code, but if you get the latest code from the repo, you will be fine.