Is Nativescript Vue different from Angular and pure Javascript?


Or is it just the same thing?

I’m ok with learning new thing like typescript or angular but prefer Vue. I want to stick with one that community prefer because it help a lot to find problem/solution easier on the internet.

I’m now doing a panning, pinching and marking marker on image. The image is a ground map.


If you ask in terms of capabilities, Yes they all are same. Mostly everything is possible in any flavour.

Comparatively the job gets easier when we could use all the fancy features from the frameworks like Angular or Vue than Core. But minor downside of using a framework is - It might take a little while for all new features to be available. For example named router outlets still have issues with Angular but can live with that and Vue is still evolving, not as matured as Angular flavour at the moment.

If you are new to either of the frameworks, I would suggest to go with Angular at the moment. If you are good at Vue already then it’s wise to choose it to save your time from learning a new framework.


Should I take sometime learning angular as it’s similar to vue? I find it difficult to find answers with nativescript vue. This evening I spend around 2-3 hours just to find a way to get element using Vue. Most of the answer is in Typescript, I assume that I need to switch to either Typescript or Angular.

Pardon me for my incompetent in reading source of Ns+vue but there’s a time for learning and there’s a time for rapid development and I’m in the second one situation. I really had no time to scrap the web for Nativescript+vue solutions so do you think Angular is a best choice to go?

Note: I even want to go with React-native due to its huge community and a lot of amount of answers to almost any problems that existed. But it’s seem like Nativescript is more promising.


This is totally my personal opinion, if one is well versed in the basics of framework (could be Angular or Vue) then it should be really easy convert the code from one flavour to another (Typescript / JavaScript to Vue / Angular).

If I’m not wrong NativeScript’s adoption on TypeScript / Angular / Vue are purely to encourage people form those background to reuse their skills. The documentation is designed in a way that assumes the developer has prior knowledge on that particular framework. Often times most people expect the NativeScript’s docs to explain them the framework specific features which is not quite possible.

Yes, of course NativeScript is more promising than ReactNative. So I would suggest to choose Angular if you are really not well versed in Vue already as it’s easy to find more resources for NativeScript Angular at the moment.