Is NativeScript Playground opensource?


I just started playing with

Really cool stuff.

I like the live feedback that you get with your mobile device.

Only one small problem… How is all this put together? I would love to see the source code for the playground web and mobile applications.


Sidekick and Playground are both free-to-use (for most features), but are not open source.

Most likely, your code is being compiled on a slave server, that just keeps a temporary directory up-to-date with your workspace (QR code). Their application that intakes this information and process it through an intelligent builder process to render the app.

Same concept as React Native has, where they push their code into a wrapper app to render the app on a simulator.


Thank’s Sean!

So is the phone application the one that has the emulator, emulating what I see in the playground on the web?

I’m just amazed at the ability to compile and push down updates almost in realtime.


The phone app is the brains of the rendering (emulation). The web-app is simply a text editor (uses the same text editor base behind VSCode:

With built-in logic to compile the code on the server and store it into some convenient folder directory or config that the phone app understands.

I do not know which path they took. They could be shipping just a JSON of configurations to the phone app, or they could actually be downloading all the compiled app code and deploying it inside the app. They would have to way in on that part.