Is it possible to have multiple repeaters on same screen?


Since the repeater can have only one template, is it possible to have multiple repeaters on the same screen?


Yes, you can have multiple repeaters. Depending on what you are doing this might not be a good idea… ListView’s are much better if you have a lot of data…

Nathanael A.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind.


If you have custom UI to represent your repeaters that do not belong in a list layout, you can go crazy with repeaters. Just be certain to do the following:

  • Limit the display results in sections (i.e. display the first 10 results of a collection)
  • Pop results in/out the viewport (as you scroll update where in the collection the results are displaying)

If you follow this methodology scaling and performance should not be a problem. I’ve done this personally in both angular (web) components and in :nativescript: and had no problems with thousands/infinite of results.

In Android they have RecylerView and in iOS they use UICollectionView.


Thanks Sean for the interesting insight! I’m brand new to :nativescript: so I have a lot more questions to your answer.

• “custom UI to represent my repeaters” - Does that mean not use Repeater.itemsLayout & Repeater.itemTemplate ?
• “display results in sections” - what would that look like with scrolling? (sorry, only sections I know is in HTML)
• How would I “Pop results in/out the viewport as you scroll” ?

Do you know where I might get more info (examples) on your techniques you’re talking about?

Thanks so much for your thoughts.