Is it possible to get a tabbed section on a page?


TabView works well to create an entire page with navigation tabs at the top or bottom, but is it possible to have just a section of a page that’s tabbed? I tried putting a TabView within a GridLayout, but the TabView still filled the page and the other rows were not visible.

This is with a JavaScript NativeScript app (i.e., no TypeScript, Angular, or Vue)


Yes, it’s possible with 4.x in any flavor. I have used 2 tab views in parts of my screen with an iPad app.


@manojdcoder - that’s interesting, and I’d love to know how you coded that. I’ve found TabViews and WebViews to be very temperamental, especially on iOS. That is, I more often end up with a blank page than the desired content.

Here’s a failing playground project. Any suggestions on how to code the TabView as part of the page?

And, thanks, as always.


Set a fixed with for TabView, TabView / WebView’s height can’t be auto calculated as it purely depends on content inside and you have control over content.