Is it possible to embed Microsoft's Power BI in NativeScript without using WebView?


I’m designing the architecture for a cross-platform mobile app.
One of the requirements is to embed Power BI as a dashboard in the application for real-time customization.

Is it possible to do this in NativeScript without using WebView?


Power BI don’t seem to have a mobile SDK according to their website - They do however have REST API, so you could fetch data and handle the data visualizations yourself. T

The nativescript-telerik-ui plugin has a very powerful UI Chart component which you can use to show data. You might also find useful community-driven plugins for the job at


After I go through their website for more information on their REST API, I also found JavaScript SDK with embedded components.

Here’s the link :

Is the SDK viable to be used in a NativeScript project?

PS.Thanks for plugin suggestion, but we need to be able to customize it on the fly so I think it’s not exactly the right plugin for us.


The JS SDK uses browser-specific APIs, so I am afraid that won’t do.

Your option now is to query the rest API and show data as you best see fit. That would also comply to your ‘customize it on the fly’ requirements