Is it advisable to have two different frameworks for my web app and mobile app?


Hi folks,
Currently, I have my web app using angular2 (now 5 technically). It seemed like an easier starting point for me coming from an object-oriented background and am quite happy with the entire web development process with angular. My service is related to financial services with data tables, input forms, etc but not very graphics intensive.

Now, I am getting started with a cross-platform mobile app and naturally, the first step was to explore nativescript as it enables the use of angular 2 code. I do like the ability to share code and logic, but nativescript’s smaller community, fewer plugins, some other UI limitations have made me think that I should maybe think of react native. I looked at Ionic but would prefer not to have a hybrid app.

React native seems to be a pretty solid choice with significant use in production by even larger companies, whereas for nativescript I can’t find any really great apps produced. These apps also seem to be very smooth and almost indistinguishable from native apps. Looking at any apps from the nativescript showcases, I always found that there was some difference in performance and feel from native.

My question now is that is it advisable to have two different frameworks for my web app and mobile app? I understand that the learning curve is different for react and it follows a completely different philosophy than angular in terms of data binding but I am open to learning that and maintaining the two projects separately. Just wanted to see people’s thoughts on this, whether this is done often, etc.

Thank you