Is Chrome Debugger / DevTools compatible with NativeScript Angular


When using Chrome DevTools my app crashes as soon it makes an API call using NativeScriptHttpClientModule.

Error log

System.err: com.tns.NativeScriptException: 
System.err: Calling js method onComplete failed
System.err: Error: Response not found for requestId = 0
System.err: File: "file:///data/data/com.magpi.nsapp/files/app/tns_modules/tns-core-modules/debugger/debugger.js, line: 71, column: 27
System.err: StackTrace: 
System.err: 	Frame: function:'responseReceived', file:'', line: 71, column: 28
System.err: 	Frame: function:'onRequestComplete', file:'', line: 60, column: 33
System.err: 	Frame: function:'onComplete', file:'', line: 37, column: 13
System.err: 	at com.tns.Runtime.callJSMethodNative(Native Method)
System.err: 	at com.tns.Runtime.dispatchCallJSMethodNative(
System.err: 	at com.tns.Runtime.callJSMethodImpl(
System.err: 	at com.tns.Runtime.callJSMethod(
System.err: 	at com.tns.Runtime.callJSMethod(
System.err: 	at com.tns.Runtime.callJSMethod(
System.err: 	at
System.err: 	at org.nativescript.widgets.Async$Http$HttpRequestTask.onPostExecute(
System.err: 	at org.nativescript.widgets.Async$Http$1$
System.err: 	at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
System.err: 	at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
System.err: 	at android.os.Looper.loop(
System.err: 	at
System.err: 	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
System.err: 	at$
System.err: 	at
ActivityManager: Process com.magpi.nsapp (pid 8035) has died
ActivityManager: cleanUpApplicationRecord -- 8035


@manojdcoder That seems like a bug we introduced in 3.3, but fixed in 3.4. Could you please get the 3.4 android runtime?


Sure, I will try 3.4 once. Thank you :slight_smile:


Issue seems fixed with {N} 3.4