IPA file generating from nativescript is not working properly


I have installed latest version of nativescript 4.1.0 and all modules are latest plugins.
i have done these CLI commands

   **tns prepare ios**
   **tns build ios**
   **tns build ios --release --forDevice**

after these two commands successfully completed and i got Xcode workspace project.
Then i can able to generate IPA file through Xcode.
I got IPA file.
that IPA file not working properly sometime. not for all the time. for ( Ex: button click, API cal, binding UI and etc…)
can anyone help me…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Without seeing the code or at least what exactly the behaviour is on device, difficult to judge what is the issue.


I didn’t get any issue from nativescript and Xcode. App working fine but some functionality not working sometime.


Then I think it may be something with your project / code, without seeing anything we are unable to give you any directions here.