[iOS] Slider with two-way binding remains stuck after first usage


Slider with two-way ngModel binding remains stuck after first usage. No errors are thrown but you cannot move the slider in either direction anymore. If you navigate away from the page and return back to it, the control is again operational on first usage, then remains stuck. This works correctly on Android.

We use quit a lot of Sliders and can’t upgrade beyond nativescript-angular 3.0.0 and Angular 4.1.

This is the last working combination:
“dependencies”: {
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
"": “~4.1.0”,
“nativescript-angular”: “~3.0.0”


I am also having the same issue with slider.
I am displaying sliders vertically. 2 rows of 3 sliders each.
Only last slider in each row seems to be sliding/responding initially. When I navigate to another page and come back , some sliders start working. It is very uncertain.


background-color: #acc6ee;
transform: rotate(90deg);

<Slider id=“slider1” minValue=“0” maxValue=“100” [(ngModel)]=“sliderValue1” row=“0”
<Slider id=“slider2” minValue=“0” maxValue=“100” [(ngModel)]=“sliderValue2” row=“0”
<Slider id=“slider3” minValue=“0” maxValue=“100” [(ngModel)]=“sliderValue3” row=“0”

and so on …

@rowdy, Did you find any solution to this?


Hi @rainbowBiker.

Yes, you have to update to at least nativescript-angular 4.4.0.
It is solved in that version.

It was this issue: https://github.com/NativeScript/nativescript-angular/issues/887