iOS cloud build failed




I was able to cloud build my project for iOS on Sidekick with previous nativescript version 3.4.2.
After upgrading to nativescript 3.4.3 and latest Sidekick v.1.7.1 I’m not able to build the project.
Sidekick stops during building with the following error message:

▸ Check Dependencies
The following build commands failed:
\tCheck dependencies
(1 failure)

[18-03-24 16:57:07.012] (Info) - Unable to apply changes on device: cf5adda836385a061e9522c79d3ac2b59ebfb13d. Error is: Build failed..

[18-03-24 16:57:07.017] (Error) - Build failed., Error: Build failed.
    at CloudBuildService.<anonymous> (...\AppData\Roaming\.nativescript-cli\extensions\node_modules\nativescript-cloud\lib\services\cloud-service.js:60:43)
    at (<anonymous>)
    at fulfilled (...\AppData\Roaming\.nativescript-cli\extensions\node_modules\nativescript-cloud\lib\services\cloud-service.js:4:58)
    at <anonymous>
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)

How can I solve?
Otherwise can I force Sidekick to use previous nativescript cli version?



I think the problem is related to bug in nativescript-cloud fixed on version 1.7.2 (
I tried to change the package.json and install nativescript-cloud 1.7.2 but everytime I start Sidekick it replace the new version with the old 1.7.1.
How can I keep the new version?


Problem was related to a misconfiguration of build.xcconfig


Hello, I have exact same problem with ios cloud build can you help me which parameter should I check on build.xcconfig