iOS certficate issue after installing plugins




I’m experiencing the weirdest and most frustrating issue. Last week I installed a number of extra plugins for my app (all from the Nativescript Marketplace), and since then, Sidekick won’t deploy my app to my iPhone like it had done previously. The log errors state that my mobile.provision doesn’t include the certificate I included. It’s so strange.

Do I need to create new certs and provision, or is there a known error that needs to be fixed? Has anyone else experienced this?


I would recommend deleting your “platforms” folder. I had a similar problem, and it was fixed once I deleted that folder and let everything build from scratch.


Would deleting my Platforms folder not lose any crucial app-related stuff like my plugins, assets etc?

I deleted two of the plugins which I saw were causing errors in the build logs, and also created new certificates and it seems to be working fine now - but thanks so much for responding.

Even though this is working now, please still answer my Platforms folder question as I would still like to know :slight_smile: