iOS app hangs on physical device with webpack




My app works on ios emulator, android emulator and android device, but it hangs on ios device.
The Error I’m getting is

CONSOLE ERROR file:///app/vendor.js:2259:24: ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): NSErrorWrapper: You don\M-b\M^@\M^Yt have permission to save the file \M-b\M^@\M^\assets\M-b\M^@\M^] in the folder \M-b\M^@\M^\app\M-b\M^@\M^].

Everything is described in this issue:

I suspect that the issue is with the sidedrawer template from Sidekick and its usage of css, scss and platform specific css.

Can someone confirm or has solution to this?



Okay, I solved the issue.

See details here