IOS 2 launchimages showing



There are 2 launchimages showing in landscape(iPad4, iPadmini, iPad Pro(12.7"), iPhone X, iPad Mini3, iPad 3.) It appears that it’s showing the portrait and the landscape images.


There can’t be 2 launch images, could you please explain in detail or add a screenshot to give us better understanding of the issue.



please see the image above


FYI, the default launch screen uses 2 images only, one as background (LaunchScreen.AspectFill.imageset) and one at the centre (LaunchScreen.Center.imageset). You may modify the LaunchScreen.storyboard if you want to remove the background image / simply use a white image for background (LaunchScreen.AspectFill.imageset).


LaunchScreen-AspectFill.png and LaunchScreen-AspectFill@2x.png are both a blank white image.
LaunchScreen-Center.png and LaunchScreen-Center@2x.png both contain our splash image.

It seems like its displaying both LaunchScreen-Center images at the same time or its showing a LaunchScreenCenter image and a LaunchImage.LaunchImage image