Invoking existing Android activity. That's within an aar


I have an Android activity in a .aar library file I am trying to switch to it via nativescript:

let context = android.context;
var intent = new android.content.Intent(context, com.example.myawesomelibrary.Test.class)

I am able to see that com.example.myawesomelibrary exists in the classpath by logging:

JS: com
JS: {
JS: “android”: {
JS: “internal”: {
JS: “util”: {},
JS: “policy”: {}
JS: }
JS: },
JS: “example”: {
JS: “myawesomelibrary”: {}
JS: },

But I am not able to reference the class “com.example.myawesomelibrary.Test” at runtime

JS: com.example.myawesomelibrary.Test
JS: ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘class’ of undefined

I am adding my .aar file in this folder “app\App_Resources\Android\libs” and it does get picked up by nativescript build process! Also the activities are getting added to the complied AndroidManifest.xml in the built .apk file (pretty impressive)

The package is available at runtime, but I am not able to get a reference to the class Test.class

please let me know if this is possible and if there is anything that I am missing