Internal images load but are not visible



All of my apps images are loading but they have stopped displaying. Previously they were all displaying without issue but for some reason that I can’t determine they have all stopped working. At first I thought they had stopped loading so I added an on load function and it is firing but I have no idea why they have stopped displaying. In addition, remote images load and display fine it’s just internal images that have stopped displaying. I’ve also checked for an errant css class that may be causing this but there were none.

Would appreciate a point in the the right direction if anyone has any idea on what might be causing this.


Please share as much details as possible. At least without a code snippet or a sample project where the issue could be reproduced, it’s hard to find out why.

  • Did you make any update? You may double check package-lock.json to see if something updated recently.
  • Is it only on iOS?
  • What is the CLI and SDK version you are using?
  • Are you using asset library to manage your images in iOS?
  • No matter where you place images it doesn’t work or it’s inside some specific component like ListView / any third party plugin?