Integrating existing mobile app with native script app



We have an existing mobile app developed in Objective C. We have a new web module coming up in Angular 2.0.
We are planning to develop NativeScript app by reusing the Angular 2 code of new webmodule.
Do we have any way by which we can integrate Existing mobile App (Developed in Objective C) with new Nativescript App.

EX - Login(Ex- Module A) and other functionality(Ex - Module B) is in existing mobile app. New module(Ex - Module C) is in NativeScript.

Now user logged in. After login user will see “Module B” as a link in existing APP. On click of “Module B” link it will take you to the page developed in NativeScript.



I realize this is an old post, but for anyone looking for more information on how to integrate an existing native iOS or Android app with NativeScript: