Integrate PayPal PLUS in NativeScript



I am looking for a way to integrate PayPal PLUS into Nativescript. Does anyone know an SDK that can do this? I am trying around with the braintree-web package for npm but it seems not to be the package if have been looking for…


Hey @surpi please close either of the 2 threads so users don’t get confused which thread to follow if they want to help.


Edited the other question, since those are different topics (the other one is about importing the mentioned Library in the application, this is about finding a way for integrating PayPal PLUS itself). Are you okay with that? :grinning:


Both look the same to me. Failure to import the library is a lead up to this follow up question, part of one and the same problem you appear to be facing - you don’t know how to integrate PayPal in a mobile context.


Thats right, I do not know. That’s why I am asking. But this question asks for information e.g. on SDKs. What I am missing on the REST-API integration is only a way to access the named library using a specific API (which is only for checkout btw.) in TypeScript. That is - apparently - something different, isn’t it? Since one is providing a problem with the possibility of including a library only given a link for it. If you still think that this is the same, I might be wrong and I can delete one post. Thanks for answering anyway :). Regards, surpi