Installing NativeScript on Windows 10 x64: Android SDK packages


Hi all, I’m trying to setup NativeScript in my Windows 10 PRO x64 environment,but I’m stuck with Android SDK packages. I’m following the steps listed at To be sure, I’m testing with a fresh-install in a brand-new Windows 10 install hosted in a VM. I could follow all the steps up to the Android SDK included. The problem is installing its packages, with a command like this:

"%ANDROID_HOME%\tools\bin\sdkmanager" "tools" "platform-tools" "platforms;android-25" "build-tools;25.0.2" "extras;android;m2repository" "extras;google;m2repository"

The issues I found until now are:

  • the ANDROID_HOME path is not set. That’s not an issue, I can manually set it or just goto c:\Android\android-sdk\tools\bin.

  • I must create an empty repositories.cfg file in c:\users\YOURUSERNAME\.android. This is an easy hack too.

  • the command fails because the updater cannot delete the folder it’s being executed from. See Thus, I followed the proposed solution: temporarily rename tools in e.g. tools.old, run it to install new version in tools and then remove the old one, e.g.:

ren tools tools.old
tools.old\bin\sdkmanager.bat "tools" "platform-tools" "platforms;android-25" "build-tools;25.0.2" "extras;android;m2repository" "extras;google;m2repository"
dir tools*
del tools.old /q /s
tools\bin\sdkmanager.bat --list

Yet after a few seconds it ends with no apparent error but Warning: Observed package id 'tools' in inconsistent location 'C:\Android\android-sdk\tools.old' (Expected 'C:\Android\android-sdk\tools'). No tools directory gets created.

Could anyone help?


check these

anyway I think you will have better luck installing Android Studio instead of installing Android SDK with choco. Just make sure you set ANDROID_HOME correctly after you install Android studio


Thank you, I’ll give Android Studio a try. Should I success in installing the whole thing so that I can start learning and playing with it I’ll make a summary post here.