Installing nativescript from behind a corporate proxy


Is it possible to install nativescript from behind a corporate proxy?

The proxy allows connections to npm registry. But npm install -g nativescript seems to be attempting to download several files from github.

Is there a way to install nativescript offline or using only npm registry? Is there any particular reason why those dependencies are being downloaded from github instead of the npm registry?


A npm package can have direct git hosted dependancies, and can also have to get it from github if there is a compatibility issue with the one available on NPM. Many dependancies managers works like this (I think about composer with PHP for instance).

You can check out this npm article about git dependancies to adress your issue, but I think you’re gonna be disappointed.
Good luck on that :wink:


At work I use cntlm to bypass the corporate proxy. It works but that’s all I can say it’s still slow even with Yarn :stuck_out_tongue: