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NativeScript Sidekick is a free download and provides a one-click setup experience for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Sidekick installs the NativeScript CLI and required dependencies for macOS and Windows - and offers starter kits, cloud-based builds for iOS and Android, and app store publishing. It also lets you easily add pages to your project, with some pre-defined templates.

Read more about Sidekick via the “Week of NativeScript Sidekick” on the NativeScript blog and the Sidekick documentation.



I just gave NativeScript a whirl on my Mac and it so turned out that the one stop shop command to setup a Mac for NativeScript development only works as much to install Android SDK tools alone and nothing else, which came to me as a surprise because all the while I was under an impression that it will install everything needed to develop, build and run (in emulator though) an Android app. I had to use SDK Manager to install platform tools, build tools, platform sdk, system images, emulator, support repository, and what not - all by myself :disappointed:. The setup took about 3 hours including figuring out many things, which did help me get a deeper understanding of how dots get connected. I guess the machine setup tooling has lots of scope of improvement.
Further, the Command Line tools for Xcode needn’t be installed for version 9 and above. The script went ahead and installed it and also switched the target directory which broke the Xcode detection. Please fix this in next version.
Furthermore, tns build system is hardbound to a version range of Android build tools, which seems odd because it should work with the latest ones just as well as it does with older versions. I had 28.0.2 installed, but then I had to get the 27.0.3 too for tns to build my projects. This too needs a fix