Installation problem with command prompt



I am installing nativescript on windows. Going through the documentation it asked me to enter command on Windows 10. Its step 3 in installation process. I entered the command it went to powershell and installed all what is required.

In powershell it asked to “press any key to continue” I pressed. Poweshell got closed and now it showing me nothing on command prompt. Command prompt isn’t closed till yet. But it is not doing any further process.It has administravtive previleges.

What shall I do? Once in previous installation I tried to close command prompt but it start installation from start.

Do I need to wait so long its already being 3 hours?


An off chance did you put the Windows 10 command prompt in select mode and won’t continue on until you exit. You can tell easily if you are but looking at the window title. It will look like this if so:


Try starting from the command line instead of run.

Click Start. Then start typing cmd and the command prompt app will show.

Click it and then type the command and hit enter.

That will allow you to see what is going on.