Installation problem in step 5 on a Windows 10 machine


Hi, everyone, my name is Kristián, I’m new in this forum and my English may not be the best one so I will try hard to explain what problem I’m having.
I want to work with NativeScript so I follow the steps that this platform suggests for the installation. Well, everything has been installing well until the step 4, nevertheless, in the step 5 I’m having an issue that I have no idea how to fix it:

“Warning: An error occurred during installation: Failed to move away or delete existing target file: C:\Android\android-sdk\tools
Move it away manually and try again…

I would really appreciate any help as soon as possible


Anybody with the same problem?


Try running tns doctor
What are you getting?


Hi multishiv19, well Im getting this "NOTE: You can develop for iOS only on Mac OS X systems.
To be able to work with iOS devices and projects, you need Mac OS X Mavericks or later.

Your components are up-to-date:
That means that is there no problems?..
Anyway I will include a screen shot to whow you my console…


Everything looks ok, it just was warning not error,
Try to run hello world project


thanks, I will do that,and then I will post again…


everything is working fine, thank you guys :smiley:


Yes that means you have no problem. Go ahead!