Installation Issues


I am on a Windows 10 machine. I have tried the quick-setup instructions and the advance setup instructions. When neither of those 2 attemps worked, I found a guide from user “ganas” in these community forums. This also yields the same tns doctor errors:

Cannot find a compatible Android SDK for compilation. To be able to build for Android, install Android SDK 22 or later.
Run $ %ANDROID_HOME%\tools\android to manage your Android SDK versions.

You need to have Android SDK 22 or later and the latest Android Support Repository installed on your system.
Run $ %ANDROID_HOME%\tools\android to manage the Android Support Repository.

Here is what I have installed:
Nodejs v8.9.3
Java v1.8.0_152
Android Studio v3.0.1
Android SDK API 27
Android Support Repository v47.0.0
NativeScript v3.3.1


What else can I do to get NativeScript to install correctly?


Have you put the ANDROID_HOME variable in the path? what about ANDROID_HOME/tools and ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools? Have you installed any build tools from the SDK manager?


Yes, all the above are in the path, still get the above errors.


I missed your question about build tools… Yes, the Android SDK Build-Tools v26.0.3 are installed.


you need android sdk 22/23 AND the one of your choice, in this case it looks to be 27