Install NativeScript on Windows


I am new user and I am installing NativeScript but I am in the situation where I do not execute the following code:

Tns run android

Tell me that you can not find the ANDROID_HOME folder, could someone help me with this case?

Thank you.


Hello @ADN
Run the command tns run android and provide us with the log output on your console(CLI).

If i am correct anyways the ANDROID_HOME folder is related to your environment variables, make sure you have the correct path to your ANDROID_SDK.


Hi @ADN,

I just installed Native Script on Windows and hit the same issue where ANDROID_HOME was pointing at the wrong place ( Something like C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\Android\Android-sdk\ ).
I changed it to C:\Android\android-sdk\ and it seems to be working now.



Exactly, the solution was the file path. Thank you.


Hi guys, I’m new to coding so this question might be kinda for beginners but important. @SteveSinclair how did you change where ANDROID_HOME was pointing at?


You need to get to the “System” settings. Exactly how depends on what version of windows you have. The most common is if you have a “My Computer”, “Computer” or “This PC” icon on your desktop you can right click on it and then select Properties. From there select “Advanced system settings” then “Environment Variables”. “ANDROID_HOME” might be in either the user (top) or system (bottom) sections. User values override the system values but in this case if they are both there then remove the user value and make sure the system value is correct.