Install instructions broken - it doesnt work and hacks + manual fixes seem to be needed?


So, I am following

and it seems to me that the install instructions does not work - I get so many errors and issues I hardly know where to start this post.

As I ran the commands specified in the tutorial on how to get started, I kept getting different errors. Here is one:

As you can see, if this is meant for beginners to get started quickly, this isnt really what you’d expect. I have no idea what the red means. As for the android SDK, I looked in the folder where it was installed (using the commands above where i was asked if I wanted to install the SDK), and all of the folders that its complaining about was missing from there, thus those error messages.

I copied those missing folders to that path, and then I got an “ok” from the “tns doctor” command.

But, it didnt last long.

I return the the Angular/NativeScript tutorial, here:

and create the HelloWorld app according to 1.1. The files seems to be downloaded and the command works ok. But, running it using “tns run android” according to 1.2 does not work. After waiting or a while, it times out, with this error:

C:\Users\Ted\Desktop\angular2\HelloWorld>tns run android
Searching for devices...
Starting Android emulator with image Nexus_10_API_22
Cannot find connected devices.
Emulator start failed with: Cannot run your app in the native emulator. Increase
 the timeout of the operation with the --timeout option or try to restart your a
db server with 'adb kill-server' command. Alternatively, run the Android Virtual
 Device manager and increase the allocated RAM for the virtual device.
To list currently connected devices and verify that the specified identifier exi
sts, run 'tns device'.
To list available emulator images, run 'tns device <Platform> --available-device

There is an emulator installed:

C:\Users\Ted\Desktop\angular2\HelloWorld>emulator -list-avds

I’ve read some other posts around where other ppl have the same issue, and found this:

My take from that post, that I havent tried, is that you need to ugly-hack your way for a simple emulator to work for HelloWorld.

Am I missing something? Cause all I did was to follow the instructions to the letter, and it doesnt work. Has anyone on Windows gotten the install instructions to work?


Hi @tedekeroth,
We regret to see that you faced so many issues with installation.

I would recommend installing genymotion as your android emulator.

Or simply connect a real device and enable developer mode and usb debugging on it.

Also if you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to also install Android Studio.