Initial position of zoomed chart



I have a line series chart on iOS and it is initially horizontally zoomed to limit data displayed.
The problem is that the data shown is left most part of horizontal axis when it is zoomed programatically.
Is there any way to initially display right most part, so it looks like chart in yahoo finance?

<RadCartesianChart tkExampleTitle tkToggleNavButton class="m-t-10" height="300" [horizontalZoom]="length/7">
 <CategoricalAxis tkCartesianHorizontalAxis labelFitMode="Rotate" 
          allowPan="true" allowZoom="true"></CategoricalAxis>
 <LinearAxis tkCartesianVerticalAxis labelLayoutMode="Outer"></LinearAxis>
 <LineSeries tkCartesianSeries seriesName="Line" [items]="mydata"
          categoryProperty="date" valueProperty="value"></LineSeries>


Did you try scaling?


Scaling on RadCartesianChart expand graph it self, but not contents.
Similarly, transition just moved the graph but not its contents.
Applying scaling on the other tags did not work.