Import .aar file and use it with NS


Hello, I’ve been struggling with this and spend more than a day now trying to figure how to solve this. I must do it with NS and I’ve no experience in JS or whatosever so I’m doing it with Angular + TS, I need someone that could help me out “step by step” with this.

  • I have a project called NSDemo with NS 4.0 and Angular+TS.
  • I have an Android 3rd party library (.aar file which I need to include and use it in my NS application) called myLib.aar.
  • I’ve placed it on the app/AppResources/Android/lib and when I run tns build android I can see that it gets added without any problem, the thing here is HOW and WHERE can I use it? (If I’m able to do it without a plugin it would be good, because that’s an extra step).
  • For examples purposes let’s say I’ve the class MyClass() in the library and I want to use it and call methods from it, how can I do so in a ts file from my NS app?

Thank you so much!


Once the aar file is added, at runtime you can just access it by it’s name with package name, for example com.package.MyClass.