Implementation Help - ListView That contain a changeable content lists



Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Sorry in advance for the long post - but I will be so thankful if someone has an idea how to implement this!!! :heart_eyes:
I am facing hard times to implement a page that isn’t so obvious to build.

I want to do some thing like this:

As you can see here this is a regular facebook page but they do something really nice.
The all page is scrollable, and one of the items is a changeable content section that change by the selected mode on the bar above it.

Where it gets kind of tricky is that you can see that every content mode saves its yOffset… So actually my theory is that the content section is separated from the elements above (the Header and the Bar), or the content section is some kind of pager that contains a inner lists for the different contents that is inside the parent List (Header, Bar, Content Pager).

Here is a video to strengthen my theory. I found it by mistake:

In this example I scrolled the page but with my finger on the content section and found out that this can scroll by itself.
This is something Facebook did not intend to happen. Actually that is happen to me only in this Nativescript Israel page on my phone (android).
So this is kind of reveal that they use couple of ListView, I don’t know if the elements are at the same level or one nesting another, but the all thing is playing with one scrollable page.

Any one can think of a proper way to implement this scenario?

Thanks a lotttt!!!


When you say “bar above it” do you mean the Tabstrip? Or are you trying to replicate the sticky header?


I mean the tabstrip… But it isn’t actually used as a tab… The different contents aren’t swipeable