Images that are removed from device remain in cache memory .... How to release these?


My Nativescript (JS) app saves images from the Camera-plus-plugin to my app folder. I then display the images on my screen using the file-url… All working fine… BUT when i remove the files from the device (using the Files plugin (entity.remove() followed by entity.clear() , the files are indeed removed from the device. but in the app they are still visible…After rebooting the device they are gone… (or when i clear app cache in the device…

How can i remove the files from my cache ? the problem is not just that removed files remain in cache, but also the files i once display gets added to the cache as it turns out…



Without an example to reproduce the issue it’s difficult to say why it happens. But at least you don’t have to worry about cache / temp memory which will be automatically cleared by system when it decides to gain the memory that certainly happens on restart.