imagePicker stuck at context.authorize()


imagePicker stuck at context.authorize(), i get the log authorizing… and nothing happens, its redirecting me to the gallery but image picking not working when i tap on the image, gallery window just dissapearing and nothing happens


May I know which device and OS version you are testing it against? Is it the default Gallery app comes in the phone or any third party one?


iphone X emulator, default gallery, plus i tried on iphone 5s real device and on real device gallery is not opening and its not asking me about perrmissions


plugin version is 6.0.1


Did you try a clean build? Does your complied info.plist has the NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription entry?


yes i tried clean build, there is no NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription in info.plist


@Giorgius it will be helpful to post your code. Are you using async await ? or .then ? and wait for the promise result ?



    const context = imagepicker.create({ mode: "single" });

    .then(()=> {
        return context.present();
    .then((selection)=> {
        selection.forEach((selected)=> {
            // process the selected image
    }).catch((e) =>{
        // process error



I have angular project. And with typescript i am not able to get typings for getImage only getImageAsync. Try

let item = selection[0];
item.getImageAsync((image: UIImage, error) => {

This is the .d.ts file. As you can see there is no getImage().

export class ImageAsset extends Observable {
    constructor(asset: any);
    getImageAsync(callback: (image: any, error: any) => void); //UIImage for iOS and for Android
    ios: any; //PHAsset
    nativeImage: any; //UIImage for iOS and for Android
    android: any;
    options: ImageAssetOptions;


problem is not getImage(), it stuck at authorizing ,before getImage(), getImage() is not executing.


I think its permissions problem

update: @pak437337 you are right, problem is getImage();

how can I use getImageAsync with vanilla JS?