Image orientation issues - Exif is ignored


Hi everyone.

I am currently uploading images to Amazon S3 using the nativescript-camera plugin together with background-http plugin. In some cases (especially when selecting a high resolution) the orientation of the image is stored in the exif data. This works quite well, and images are displayed correctly in browser and on my computer. But in my app, the exif orientation data seems to be ignored, and so the orientation is wrong. This applies to images in portrait mode with high resolutions which are being displayed in landscape mode. It seems like images taken with lower resolution settings by my camera doesn’t use exif, have the correct orientation by default and are therefore displayed correctly.

I am using a RadListView with a grid containing image src links. I am also using the nativescript-photoviewer plugin (firing up when you click an image). The weird thing is that I have two devices with different symptoms. My old Samsung Note S3 with Android 5 displays the wrong orientation in both the RadListView and in photoviewer. My newer, but still old Sony Xperia with Android 7 displays the images correctly in the RadListView, but photoviewer still displays them with the wrong orientation.

I hope someone can assist me, as I’m really scratching my head here.