I'm finding it difficult to style TextField



I’m finding it difficult to style the TextField to look like the one on the pix, I don’t know how to create the TextField that will make it look like this.


I’m trying to understand better, so you don’t understand how to style the text field or you don’t know which layout to use to align text field in that order.

You can simply set borders, width and height for textfields, wrap them in FlexboxLayout. Just for your information it’s also possible to achieve the same with Stack / Grid / Wrap layouts. Learn more about layouts here.


@manojdcoder, to align text field in that order


@elviscoly Here is a simple example that should meet most of your requirement.

Note: I didn’t find time to test this on iOS, in case if you find any issues let me know.


Thanks @manojdcoder, but i’m using angular not javascript.


@elviscoly FYI, it’s not Angular - just TypeScript. The XML is 100% same, you might have to use Object.defineProperty instead of TypeScript’s getter and setter in ViewModel. You may simply use any TypeScript compiler to see whats the JavaScript equivalent.


Ok thanks, appreciate your effort so far.