Ideal Tech Stack for Mac OS X


Hi, I am just getting started with Nativescript and would love to know any/all tools that experienced programmers are using for their apps. I already have NS installed and also Sidekick installed. I am using Mac OS X High Sierra and can successfully launch an app in both an iOS emulator and an Android emulator. Any ideas/clarifications on the following appreciated!

My current stack:

  • OS X with iOS emulation
  • Genymotion for Android emulation
  • NS Sidekick, but I’ve just been using the tns command line really

– Are experienced programmers using Sidekick? I’m trying to figure out how/when to use it as I’ve just been using the tns command to launch demo apps on my iOS and Android emulators. Is Sidekick part of your everyday workflow, perhaps for the debugger in it? Or do you just use command line and tns?

– What emulation phone/device do you use while testing your app in development? I already know the answer is to choose something that you have to support, however I’m wondering for your own personal use case, which phone is the ‘best’ to use to speed up development and also represent something a realistic user would use? iPhone 7 or 8 maybe? For Android perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S8? What model(s) for iOS and Android do you use while emulating in dev?

– Genymotion - this seems to be working for me for Android emulation. Is this your preferred tool for this? I tried using the AVD from the command line and it seems complicated, and I haven’t tried downloading the whole Android Studio or OS X as I don’t want to use it as an IDE…basically i just want to use whatever is easiest and most stable for Android emulation.

– Sublime Text vs VS Code: I’m a Sublime user but also have been trying out VS Code. If you prefer VS Code what features to you like over other editors? I may make the switch but for now it’s just another text editor like Sublime for me…

any suggestions appreciated, thanks!