IDE for nativescript


Is there any IDE’s available for nativescript. Could any one please help me to find a IDE for NativeScript.


Hey @shibi, I suggest you to use officially recommended IDE Visual Studio Code.

Then you may configure Nativescript extension with VS code to start develop the Nativescript applications.


am using ubuntu, so during file creation (tnc create filename) some error occurs,then i tried VSC and done a simple program but the same error occurs, could you please send any of your simple project,so i can run it in my machine and so as to find the error causing during compiling.


which is better angular or nodejs.


Do you mean tns create <project name>
That command is used to create project. Not a file.


This is the equivalent of asking if a shovel is better than a spaceship.

If you want to travel to space, the spaceship is better. If you want to dig a hole, the shovel is better.

NodeJS = Backend implementation of JavaScript (or TypeScript).
Angular = Frontend framework developed by Google (Javascript/TypeScript).

They both serve completely different needs.