I lost the ability to incrementally build and {N} keeps doing full builds


Could anyone help me with the issue in the title, please?

I have been building for weeks with no issues. I usually do tns run ios using the simulator. Initially {N} does a full build, of course, but after that it goes into watch mode and when I make a small change (eg typo or something along that line), I won’t get a full build, just whatever needs to be rebuild.

However, in the past hour or two ago I’ve lost this ability and {N} does a full rebuild very time I make a small change. The full build of course wipes out all the local storage on the simulator, too, because it does a full install of the app.

This is what I have tried to do so far:

  1. Do a “Reset Content and Settings” on the simulator
  2. Used tns platform remove ios to get rid of possible gunk
  3. Reboot

I am not able to get {N} to build incrementally any more. Anyone would have a tip what might’ve gone wrong?



Another golden find on github issues.

Basically, if you change the app icons of your project to contain more or less app icons as the original {N} template ships with, you will get into trouble with the police, fire department, insurance, and a whole load of utility companies…

So don’t even tinker with them. Just replace the icons with yours, but don’t add or remove any.

You can read more on github if you interested:


@pentool Wow, thanks for the research and for writing this up. I know I’ve also hit this problem where the CLI starts randomly doing full builds, but I’ve never been able to consistently recreate the problem.