I give up on Nativescript!


I give up on nativescript!
I´ve tried everything to develop a full app (even a small one) and I had so much pain and time lost. One was because it didn´t compiled correctly, afterwards came a problem with this and that.
After a lot of research on forums and google, I realized that people had a lot of problems too.
I think this platform isn´t yet ready, at least it´s not so linear as xamarin is.
Right now, my fustration is big, I just lost too much time trying.

Good luck for all of you struggling!


Hi JPetronilho,

I also struggled a lot coming into nativescript. It was brutal setting up the environment and getting it to run with the cli. That was way before 2.2. Now there are are so many options and many things are way easier.

I am sorry you had issues and worst they were not resolved. I have found that the docs are sparse and that can take some time getting stuff resolved, however over time I have been able to resolve all issues using the https://github.com/nativescript and where that fell short this forum is also a good place plus www.stackoverflow.com.


Thanks jessPP.
I´m developing using angular and seemed logic to use a tool that is similar to develop for phone. I made some apps using xamarin forms and that was much smoother.
In xamarin, the compilation process is faster and just don´t throw som much erros like Nativecsript does. In Nativescript, after you install a plugin I always have to build the entire app, which takes forever, just to find that in the end gives some error.
I will be back… but not right now, i´m just too fustrated.


Which platform are you using? Mac or Windows?


Windows, using visual studio code. and TNS 4.1.0


It can be frustrating starting up with Nativescript from my experience as well especially on Windows, if you want to give it one more go I can try to help your issues to get you up and running.

Thanks vamsi.

        Right now I must go ahead and develop this app in xamarin, I´m more productive that way. Nonetheless, I think this Nativescript plataform should be the right way to go, as I develop a lot in angular.

        In the future I will visit this forum more often.



If you are a windows user with C# background, of course Xamarin’s development experience could be much smoother. After all everything is Microsoft and it’s framework.

I’m a Mac user, I have done NativeScript setup on various machines, at least 10+ and all the times it was a piece of cake. Besides I must agree, NativeScript Windows setup process could be improved. Unfortunately windows machines were not always developer friendly (especially it’s not Microsoft product), hope things get smoother with NativeScript Windows in coming months.