I can not run app fresh create from nativescript template


Hi I would ask. I download this tempalte: https://docs.nativescript.org/angular/tooling/app-templates#navigation-drawer
by tns create. …
and then run: tns run android
But app not running in consose is:
Unable to apply changes on device: emulator-5554. Error is: Command npm.cmd install tns-android@3.4.1 --silent --save-exact --save failed with exit code 4294963248.

Thanks for help


Try deleting platforms and node_modules and try again.


I try but I get same error


IS your emulator turned on ?? Try first deleting platfomr "s and modules, then run “tns platform add android” and then “tns run android”.


Thanks it look that is work maybe one run is ok second not , bu now it is running. :slight_smile: